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What is new in ESET Smart Security 4.0 and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.0?

October 19th, 2009 admin 1 comment

The following are new or revised features in ESET Smart Security 4.0 and ESET NOD32 Antivirus 4.0:

User Interface

  • The ESET icon next to the system clock now spins to provide visual feedback when performing various operations, such as virus scanning, downloading virus signature database updates and performing scheduled tasks.
  • Many options in the user interface are now available through keyboard shortcuts (pressing CTRL or CTRL + SHIFT and another key).
  • The status of the license can be viewed by selecting Help ? Verify license validity from the top menu bar.

    NOTE: : A connection to the license expiration database server will be made when this option is used.

    Fig. 1-1

  • Planned releases of additional localizations for distinct regional languages, including:
    • FRA (European French).
    • FRC (Canadian French).
    • PTB (Brazilian Portuguese).
  • In the context (right-click) menu integrated with Windows Explorer, the Quarantine File and Submit File for Analysis options can be hidden from the user.
  • The Protection Status pane will contain more detailed information about the license expiration date.
  • Notification messages can be hidden and automatically responded to on a per-window basis.

    Fig. 1-2

  • Watch Activity pane shows File and Network Activity and can be graphed with second, minute or hourly resolution.

    Fig. 1-3

  • Statistics are displayed on Antivirus and Antispyware protection, Real-Time File System Protection, Email Client Protection, Web Access Protection and Antispam module.

    Fig. 1-4

  • User Interface features a text mode with keyboard navigation and improved compatibility with screen-reading software and High Contrast mode in Windows.

    Fig. 1-5



  • Three new modules have been introduced:
    • Self-Defense Module: Built-in technology to prevent malicious software from corrupting or disabling it, so you can rest assured your system is always protected.
    • SysInspector Module: State-of-the-art diagnostic tool which conducts an in-depth analysis of your computer’s configuration that will provide the Customer Care team with important information about how to resolve the problem you are experiencing.
    • System Status Module: Notifies you when there are updates available for your operating system so that you can keep your sytem up to date and fully protected.
  • All modules are verified for authenticity and consistency using strong cryptography (digital signature verification) prior to use or communication.
  • Support for Cisco NAC (only available in the Business Edition).
  • ESET kernel service has been hardened to prevent tampering or being disabled by malware.
  • ESET SysRescue creates bootable CDs, DVDs and USB flash drives using the Microsoft Windows Automated Installer Kit (requires Microsoft Windows XP SP2 or later).
  • Under Windows Vista with SP1 and Windows Server 2008, filtering no longer is done by acting as a local proxy but by using the Windows Filtering Platform. The previous method of filtering (local proxying) will continue to be used on pre-Vista Windows operating systems.
  • Portable computer support (scheduled tasks can be bypassed if the computer is on battery power).
  • Password-protected uninstallation routine to prevent unauthorized software removal (reintroduced from NOD32 2.7).
  • When contacting Customer Care for assistance, an ESET SysInspector log can be automatically generated and sent with the support request.
  • Improved UAC compatibility for Microsoft Windows Vista.
  • ESET NOD32 Antivirus Home Edition can be installed on Windows Home Server.

Antivirus & Antispyware

  • Document Protection (originally available in NOD32 2.7) has been reintroduced in the Antivirus and Antispyware Protection module. It scans Microsoft Office documents prior to opening and objects that are automatically downloaded by Internet Explorer, such as Microsoft ActiveX controls.

    NOTE: : Formerly called DMON in NOD32 2.7.

  • Ability to scan email sent over SSL-encrypted POP3 (POP3S) connections.
  • Ability to scan email sent over SSL-encrypted HTTP (HTTPS) connections.
  • Ability to scan email retrieved using the IMAP protocol.
  • Improved scanning of files detected by Advanced Heuristics via intelligent caching mechanism.
  • Network files are now scanned during On-Create access.
  • New device driver to clean malware which runs at boot time.
  • New Limits configuration options in the ThreatSense engine.
    • Maximum Object Size – Specifies the largest size of file to scan, in bytes. Files larger than this will not be scanned.
    • Maximum Scan Time for Object – Specifies the amount of time, in seconds, the scanning engine should spend on a single object before moving on to the next one.
    • Archive Nesting Level – Specifies the level of archives to recursively scan inside.
    • Maximum size of file (from archive) – Specifies the largest size of a file to scan, in bytes, from inside an archive file. Files larger than this will not be scanned.
  • In Real-Time File System Protection, it is now possible to enable Advanced Heuristics on file execution.

    NOTE: : This may slow file execution down. User will be prompted to confirm selection before enabling.

  • In Real-Time File System Protection, user is prompted to confirm enabling Runtime Packer and Advanced Heuristics options when scanning newly created and modified files as this may affect system performance.
  • Improved classification of malware by security risk: Potentially Unwanted (adware, toolbars and so forth) and Potentially Unsafe (password audit, traffic capture and so forth) applications are flagged by a yellow alert/status, with an option to exclude the application in subsequent scans.
  • Support for Microsoft Windows Live Mail and Mozilla Thunderbird email clients.
  • Reliable scanning of large (2GB+) files, such as UDF-formatted .iso and .rar files.
  • Added Removable Media options under Real-Time File System Protection. This allows more granular scanning of floppy diskettes, optical media, and
    • Option to block access to removable media.
    • Option to selectively allow access to removable media on per-drive and per-USB port basis.
    • Advanced Heuristics can be enabled and/or excluded on files executed from removable media independent of other program settings.
  • Ability to disable ESET Personal firewall and Antispam modules from within the graphic user interface.

ESET Personal Firewall (ESET Smart Security Only)

  • ESET Personal firewall modules contains two new Filtering Modes:
    • Learning Mode is a special mode in which the firewall automatically creates rules allowing all applications and connections. It is not meant to be used except when initially setting up the firewall rules.
    • Automatic Mode with Exceptions combines the default mode with user-definable rules.
  • In the ESET Personal firewall’s IDS and Advanced Options tree, the Allowed Services section contains two new options:
    • Maintain inactive TCP connections for improved compatibility with databases and streaming media applications.
    • Enable communication for bridged connections for improved compatibility with virtual machines, VPNs and similar applications.


  • Antispam module optimized to both perform faster and use less memory than previous version.
  • Entries from the email client’s address book can now be whitelisted, blacklisted or excluded from spam detection.

ESET SysInspector

  • ESET SysInspector is now integrated into ESET Smart Security and can be accessed by pressing CTRL + I when the graphic user interface is open.

    ESET SysInspector will still be available as a standalone program.